My 2021 Resolution

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It’s Jan 5, 2021. I am going to list the things I want to achieve in this year (…) No ‼️ Wait ‼️ Indeed, I need to throw back the 2020, reflected what I did well (to myself) and what I could have done better, and finish the unfinished ✏️

2020 Throwback

January — the most unforgettable thing is, crying the whole way back to dorm from a consulting interview. Even though it is almost one year ago, every time when this memory came to my mind, I still remember the kind of frustration and lost of direction. In fact, I am really grateful for my interviewers. They gave me much more than an interview; they gave advice about my logic of solving a problem, my future schedule of studying aboard and job seeking. Without that interview experience, I could not understand what I have always ignored when I was managing to coming up a solution.

June — graduation of my undergraduate study. All my family came to Taipei on those few days and it is actually the first time they came to visit me in the city where I pursue my undergraduate degree because my hometown is a little bit of far from Taipei. The feeling is strange at that moment because I know one thing very much — I am not prepared, I don’t know what would be my first job, I don’t know whether I could really get the job I dreamed of, I am even not sure — what is it (?) However, my parents were so ~ happy and I know, it might be something important for them. There is one thing I know, I could do much much much better — be positive even though you are still finding the way out of the maze of confusion. A promising future deserves more energy 🌟 and don’t let those who have done so much for you, for me down.

October — giving up my Python studying group. There are something I learn again, and more deep from myself. First, I need a really strict punishment so that I could not easily give up on something I am not interested in, but I have to learn it, such as coding 😖 Second, everyone does have different way to learn, and for me, self-learning from videos is the best (except for language learning) I need time to absorb the knowledge I learned, otherwise it would be quite difficult for me to catch up the instructor. Third, I need a goal to learn, or at least out of passion / interest to learn. For coding, if my mindset is merely because everybody is learning coding; because coding is almost an essential skill for future; It really ends up … nothing for me 😫

December — having an interview with a quite interesting person at an interesting company. I am really, really, really grateful to have this opportunity to have the conversation with that person since I learned quite a lot of information from him. There is also one thing I want to record here — about career — he asked me why I chose the career that I told him. This is a tough question and when I manage to give him a reply, the first point is — it is my major 😰 Even just for myself, I don’t like this answer. I guess for people who have found their true passion, the first answer will have nothing to do with their major (? However, just because of this interview, I understood how not-convincing my answer is.

In addition to the experiences I mention before, 2020 is actually a productive year for me (I guess) — Edelman internship, Minerva School program, consulting cosmetic project, SQL,Python,Tableau, TMBA ECM presentation surprise, GMAT, Rookie Fund (only short time), consulting with German consultant (…) TCP DKSH, DELL, KPMG, TMBA GIR twice first prizes, Unilever case competition, The Taiwan Times 😮

The last thing I left in 2020 are a lot of books that I haven’t read and I once started or really wanted to read it. Also, the online courses that I haven’t finished 😦 So one of the must-do goal in 2021 is — leave no liability among something that I just really want to do.

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My plan for those Unfinished

  • Medium Book Review series for the books I want to read
  • Publishing the lesson I learn on the macro economics course on MacroMicro on Medium

Five Goals I set for myself in 2021

  1. Have a focused research area

The idea to cultivate a specific research area of myself was inspired by the previous interview experiences. As a member in NTU TMBA for around one year, I have done research on Taiwan’s petrochemical and server industry, China’s SSE Composite Index and real estate market. However, if you ask me whether I am keeping doing research on some specific industry, the answer is — NO, and I want to make a change of this. I want to keep producing something and updating my knowledge in the industry that I am interested in, so here comes this idea — I will have a list in the end of this article, which is extracted from Meng-kung Hsieh’s(*) Facebook post, and I will manage to produce research reports about these companies on my Medium.

Note: Meng-Kung Hsieh is the founder of Gooaye, a Taiwanese podcast

2. Achieve C1 Level of my German in June 2021

I manage to have my master degree in Germany this year, and I am on my way to this objective. The language ability is quite important to me since I want to find a job there after I graduate. Besides, I want to be part of the society, so I need the ability to comfortably communicate with people. I have decided to take the B2-level test in March and C1-level test in June. This is not an easy job and I need to have a stricter plan to achieve it — I manage to record myself speaking German on my YouTube channel. This plan will start from Jan 14, 2021 and I have decided some topics that I want to share 🤩

  • Top 5 Netflix dramas I love
  • Top 5 Youtuber I love
  • My experiences of learning multiple languages

3. Keep producing contents on multi-media

In December 2020, I started write business-related articles on The Taiwan Times. I want to keep producing articles on this platform regularly, accumulating more experiences as a content writer. I guess the intrinsic passion is biggest reason why I keep participating journalism related events, such as 我是海外特派員 hosted by Taiwan CNA, 芒果要的就是你 hosted by China’s Hunan TV. I even applied for Taipei Times as an internship online and send a letter and CV to their address (even though I never had a reply 😢 But, each attempt just again and again proved that I do have passion for this industry — even though it may not be my full-time job in the future, I still want to keep writing, keep creating more great content!

4. Challenge myself for something that I want to try, but not start yet

I want to create audio and video contents, too. To be honest, I think it is really astonishing for people to arrange their business, focus on their own “products” and improve what they could create.

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In 2021, I want to try more on content producing. I haven’t figured out what kind of topics I could do on my YouTube or Podcast channel — but these platforms are where I learn new knowledge and where I spend most of my time on. Thus, I don’t just merely be a receiver, I also want to be a creator.

5. Develop the hobby you love, and make it more than a hobby

I love piano — and I want to spend more time on it. During the past years, there are some things I learned by participating in various clubs, competitions, events, etc. It is very important for me to know more people, know how business is run by others, know more methodology how people solve a problem … All these experiences indeed help me grow a lot, but there is still something kept, and every time when I saw how others do that well, or spend time managing to do it well, I feel a little bit of disappointed at myself — I hope I could be the person who is on the way to improve that skill — playing pianos.

In 2021, I don’t want to feel the shame anymore. I want to push myself to make progress on something that I deeply love, just as I push myself to challenge myself on multiple extracurricular activities. If I could squeeze time to do those things, I must be able to spare time for myself to pursue what I love — there is no excuse.

There is one thing I didn’t add on the above — learn coding. Even though I have failed really many times but, I still want to give it a try.

The List of the companies I will conduct research
The Trade Desk

Just enjoy 🖊